The new software ensures that the machine is stable and accurate. Appearance streamline design, noble and elegant, extraordinary temperament".
A variety of balance methods can be applied to different wheel structures.
• A variety of tire positioning options.
• Have self-calibration procedures to ensure long-term use.
Metering unit conversion selection (g oz)
The fault diagnosis shows that the maintenance is convenient.
Optional protective cover, safer to use.

Technical parameter
Operating power/power: 110V/220V 250W
Maximum tire weight: 70kg
Rim width: 1.5 '-20' (38-508mm)
Rim diameter 10 '-24' (254-610mm)
Balance accuracy + 1g
Equilibrium period: 6-9s
The working environment is 5 degrees C-40 degrees C
Noise <70db
Net weight/gross weight 90kg/130kg
Outer packing size: 0.9 * 0.7 * 1.25M